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>> my hope is if she's out there, come home. >> today, new information confirming activity on alisa's cell phone. >> that is an activity. it's either a call or a text. it is an activity. at 003. >> investigators confirmed a call or a text was placed from her phone later than earlier reported but caution, it does not mean the phone was in her position. -- possession tweets from a twitter user posted these messages on new year's eve. after tonight you'll never be a part of my life. and... just lost all of my trust in the person i trusted the most. >> we have seen those. there is still a debate as to the actual author of the tweets. >> alisa burn attending a snow globe event but left the party and took a shuttle back to the hotel. >> we do have a credible eye witness talked to her in the hotel casino. >> no one has seen her, since.
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>> i want everyone to know she's a wonderful kid. we love and his miss her. >> sheriff deputies tell abc 7 news finding her is their top priority.=8+ investigators looking through hours of surveillance tape from the casino. a job that may not produce lead autos she can be on the casino floor? d phone has gone inactive. with investigators say there are no signs of foul play but it's highly unusual for her to just disappear without contacting anyone. the search resumes in the morning. >> let's turn to pet why luma, family and friends are trying to stay positive. wayne? >> they're trying.
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there are tl were painters outside of the house, inside a lot of worry. both days this would be a happy position. friends and family under the same roof for kim burn that, snot the case today. >> though brought food, drinks and help. >> this is the nightmare of not knowing. three days into what should have been a happy new year, her 19-year-old daughter vanished after attending a new year's eve concert in south lake tahoe. she's been a good girl. not a person to drop out of contact or leave valued stuff fund. >> she would not take off without her lap top, would not take off without her dog. >> the fact she did, the stuff is left behind. >> it's very worry some. >> hence, friends, flyers, facei[ci book page.
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to family members it's surreal. >> you think it only happens to other people. you can't imagine it's happening to you. something you love. >> the family began just like everyone else, not anymore. not until alisa comes home. >> what is this like? >> hell. hell. >> outside of the home a candle appeared outside of the mailbox with a yellow ribbon. there was a meeting. there were tears from some of the people as they left that meeting. they said just about the situation. kimberly said to us, quote these words, we're in it to win it. if they do not find alisa by tonight they expect more friends and family to head out to the south lake tahoe area tomorrow.
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from pete peta luma, abc 7 news. >> thank you very much. si biggest stars is facing a legal problem tonight. pitcher sergio romo got into a beef with tsa agents at las vegas airport on enough year's day. we broke the story this afternoon. abc 7 news is in the newsroom tochl plain what happened in vegas. >> that beef ended up with sergio romo in hand kufz. both tsa and police confirmed the story and facts that romo was acting unruly and aggressively. you know what happens in vegas stays in vegas? this one did not. >> it's a happy, crowded holiday venue. sergio romo celebrated with others. pictured here with him, a 49er
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wide receiver. this is two days before a reported altercation. a new year's morning just before 9:00 the giants star pitcher went to board a flight back to san francisco. the tsa tells abc 7 news that the incident happened at one security check point. the agency says a male passenger was unable to provide identification required of travelers at the tsa document control station. that is when you show id. the tsa spokesman would not identify romo, we have confirmed through sources that it was romo. those sources tell us he was disruptive and got into an altercation with one agent. tsa said during the process, the airport police noticed the individual engaged in a dispute with a tsa officer and took action.
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the security of others was not compromised. the petro poll continue police department say officers saw romo in an age tated posture pacing with clenched fists. officers placed him in hand kufz police say they kept him cuffed until he calmed down, deemed not to be a threat. >>;#- the beard, beard so long. maybe that is why they did it. >> i can't understand why someone won't know who he is number one. but... it's against the law to not have your id on you. yeah. i mean with security being what it is. >> and police cited romo for violating airport rules. the da has to decide twlornt file charges if he does, romo will have to appear in court. police released him after he was cited. big question is why he was
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acting the way he did? the giants have yet to respond. we tried to reach romo but his agent did not return our calls. >> more still to come there. thank you very much. >> sports director larry beil is here now this, behavior seems out of the ordinary for him. >> i was surprise whid saw the story. serge yes romo? really? coming from him, you just don't expect it. if you remember he was happy go lucky guy, running around, photo bombing everybody, jumping into pictures and always smiling. not angelidesry time. he has been with the giants five years. and he was outstanding, unhitable virtualry. contributions on the field was huge given the injury to bricin wilson. romo recorded three saves during the world series. romo one of the stars of the victory parade in halloween, made a statement wearing a
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shirt that said i just look illegal. romo did a lot of talk show appearances and he's fairly recognizable around the bay area, perhaps not so much to tsa agents in vegas. now, among comments about the situation on twitter today, one person wrote the tsa should be cited for not knowing who sergio romo s there is one report out today indicating that romo had been drinking, but he certainly would not be the first guy%+ze÷n las vegas in that situation. i'm told giants and romo's a statement. we've not received that yet. want to tell you about another story, 49ers kicker david acres talked about receiving death threats via twitter. we'll have the story coming up in sports. >> drinking in vegas? >> yes. there is. >> abc 7 news was the first to learn about the romo story. we broke think the afternoon on twitter and on abc 7 you can get t7/ing news by
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following us on abc 7 news bay area or down loading abc 7 news app. >> let's move on and talk about the weather. it's been cold past few mornings, tomorrow more of the same sit, indeed. spencer christian isñnsu here wh an early warning for us. >> yes. another very, very cold morning coming our way. frigid conditions and more of the same for one more day. satellite radar composite, live doppler 7 hd image shows absence of clouds heerk it's getting cool out there already. let's take a look how cold this morning. low temperatures down to 26 degrees in sonoma
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good evening, david acres set a record for points. week one, tying nfl reco

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